Tuesday, April 27, 2021

I Heard the News Today, Oh Boy!

Okay, the title of this post may not grab anybody below the age of 60 -- it does, after all come from a "A Day in the Life," one of the tracks from the Beatles' studio album Sgt. Pepper released in 1967 -- but the sentiment is fairly accurate. That is, here's a few articles reflecting news and opinion from the alternative media that you may hear nothing about from the establishment media. Let's go...

* "Senator John Kennedy: Defund Planned Parenthood, 'Stop Bankrolling America’s Largest Abortion Mill'" (Steven Ertelt, LifeNews.com)

* "I Was a Black Teen in the ’60s. Don’t Believe Left’s Lies About 'Jim Crow' Election Reforms." (Kay C. James, Daily Signal)

* "In California, Hundreds of Men Transfer to Female Prisons" (John Stonestreet & Timothy D. Padgett, Breakpoint)

* "Stanford University Scientists Caught Using Aborted Babies’ Fingers in Tax-Funded Experiments" (Micaiah Bilger, LifeNews.com)

* "9 of Hollywood’s Biggest Acts of Hypocrisy: China, #MeToo, Guns, Climate Change, and More" (David Ng, Breitbart)

* "Why Biden Is Breaking America" (Nick Arama, Red State)

* "Wealthiest Cities in Bluest States Reap Windfall From Democrats’ COVID-19 'Stimulus'" (Fred Lucas, Daily Signal)