Thursday, April 23, 2020

Have You Had Enough? (Another Compilation of Exceptional Articles)

* "The Deadly Costs of Extended Shutdown Orders" (Heather Mac Donald, American Greatness)

* "Nearly all NY coronavirus patients suffered underlying health issue, study finds" (Vandana Rambaran, Fox News)

* "Government Goes Too Far" (John Stossel, PJ Media)

* "It’s a Free Country, Brother" (Victor Davis Hanson, National Review)

* "Our Garbage Media" (Steven Hayward, Power Line)

* "How the Media Completely Blew the Trump Ventilator Story" (Rich Lowry, National Review)

* "Now Is Exactly the Time to Investigate the WHO's Catastrophic Public Failures and Internal Rot" (Claudia Rosett, PJ Media)

* "The Chinese Coronavirus Is This Generation’s Tiananmen Test" (Ben Weingarten, American Greatness)