Tuesday, October 22, 2019

A Few News Site Recommendations

"Denny, what's the most notable change in your search for quality news and commentary nowadays?"

It was an interesting question. And my reply was in 4 parts. Here they are.

1) The sites that I most frequent (they show up regularly in either my email or on my bookmarks bar) are Power Line, Lucianne.com, LifeNews.com, The Federalist, The Daily Signal, Juicy Ecumenism, and The Stream.

2) A few others I sometimes check in with? National Review, City Journal, Fox News, and Town Hall. Of course, there are several others I sometimes use but these are my standard "go to" sites.

3) I don't bother at all anymore with the Drudge Report. As Rick Johnson recently wrote in a CDN article, "Matt Drudge is not the man he used to be. Obsessed with UFO stories, and constantly linking to British uber-tabloids like The Star, Matt Drudge has taken his LGBTQ sensibilities and crossed the aisle to dance with the Democrats. Conservatives are deserting him in droves. Where once Drudge Report was the first place conservatives would go to a daily rundown, now they are seeking out other more reliable aggregators. The up and coming Whatfinger News and the long-running Lucianne are increasingly the new leading lights in reliable conservative thought."

And, finally, 4) I advise friends to steer far clear of such wildly inaccurate, manipulative, and leftist-dominated sources of "news and information" as Wikipedia, Snopes, and all the old guard media.