Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Capital Letters!

I mentioned a few days ago that last Saturday morning we had hosted a brunch version of our longstanding letter-writing parties. And I mentioned that I would post a few samples of the 40 letters and cards that were sent out.

Well, here you go.

To the National Education Association, 

You have been a counterproductive union for sometime now. I mean, just take a look at what you’ve produced: the dumbing down of American students…an environment full of bullying…grade inflation…the most lewd and counter-productive sex education…a severe deterioration in school safety…absurd classes with no real world application… leftist propaganda masquerading as open-mindedness… persecution of conservative political and religious views…and so on. 

And now you’ve voted to double-down and make your support of abortion even more expansive, more aggressive, more irrational? I’ll bet this will be the last straw for an awful lot of teachers. Plus, it is a very serious alarm to the rest of the country as to the immoral (and violent) direction your political advocacy will take in the future.

Please – reverse your course.

To the Girl Scouts of America,  

Please discontinue your aggressive and controversial advocacy (and indeed promotion) of radical feminism, abortion, and the mega-abortion profiteer which is Planned Parenthood.  Until you do so, we must continue to suggest to friends that they and their daughters and granddaughters have nothing whatsoever to do with your organization.

And yes, that includes the cookies. 

Dear Pinterest,

 I have put your emails in my “spam” category and have suggested to friends that they do likewise as well as end any other contact with Pinterest after I learned about your heavy-handed, mean-spirited, and completely unfair censorship of pro life, conservative, and religious views. 

What a very, very sad move on the part of your company.   

To the NCAA,  

Where and when will this crazy new form of political correctness stop? I’m particularly concerned in this note with the NCAA’s surrender in the “gender wars” by awarding prizes to biological males who are competing in women’s sports. This is not merely an extreme defiance of the moral convictions of centuries by of the sciences of biology and anatomy. And it is most certainly a slap in the face of feminism as well.

Your new policies are unfair to the max; they are harmful to the general society and the sports community in particular, and they are extremely counterproductive to the interests of the NCAA itself.

Please get back to basics…of nature and common sense and fair play.

Dear Joni [Eareckson Tada],

What wonderful news about being all clear of cancer! Praise the Lord. We will continue to pray for you and Ken as we thank the Lord for your example of courage and joy. 

Blessings in bunches! 

Dear President Trump,  

You promised a lot to the pro-life community in your campaign… and you have delivered!

Indeed, your principled and skilled leadership in this key moral and cultural battle has been exceptional we are greatly impressed And, of course, profoundly grateful.

You remain in our fervent and frequent prayers.