Thursday, February 21, 2019

Outrage Alert!

Causes for outrage? You'd better believe it. However, let that anger be righteous and channeled into proper responses like intercession, advocacy of holy solutions (including letters and calls to the relevant people), spreading the word to others, and encouraging individuals who are working for God's truth in these critical culture wars.

* “Cecile Richards: Force Christian Doctors and Nurses to Perform Abortions” (Steven Ertelt,

* “The U.S. Sends Millions to Countries That Persecute Their Own Citizens — for Being Christian” (Kerby Anderson, EPM Blog)

* “Christian adoption agency sues New York after state tries to shut it down” (Caleb Parke, Fox News)

* “Girl Scouts Join Planned Parenthood at Huge Pro-Abortion Conference” (Sydney Volanski,

* “CBS’ Lara Logan Just Exposed Leftist Media Bias. Again. So Why Do So Many Media Members Ignore The Criticism?” (Ben Shapiro, Daily Wire)

* “Crash that killed woman was driver's 6th DUI in 9 years, police say” (Amy Lieu, Fox News)

* “The Jussie Smollett Haox and the Media’s Tribal War on America” (Daniel Greenfield, FrontPage Mag)

* “Chicago Police Chief: Smollett Staged Hate Crime because He Was ‘Dissatisfied with His Salary’” (Jack Crowe, National Review)