Wednesday, January 30, 2019

New York's Brazen Celebration of Death

Ellie Bufkin over at Bright writes about a symbol of freedom turned into a “celebration of Death” —

“On Tuesday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo directed that One World Trade Center light its high-reaching spire in pink as a celebration of the passing of the Reproductive Health Act which made the ability to kill unborn children simpler and more accessible in New York than ever before.

Since its erection, the One World Trade Center has served as a symbol of freedom and a monument to the lives lost on 9/11. It often lights up in different colors to celebrate holidays, to recognize victims of abuse, and to remind us of nearly 3,000 people killed by terrorism. On Friday it was used as a sickening tool to promote the demented ideology of those that believe unborn babies do not have the right to their own life.”

And, on the same sad matter, here’s Marlo Safi at National Review

“It’s not only perverse to ‘celebrate’ this inhumane legislation on the site where thousands of innocent lives were lost, including the lives of the eleven unborn children who were killed that day and whose names are engraved in the memorial. It’s a testament to the culture of death and the insidious attempts of those who flaunt abortion as anything other than the forsaking of human dignity to deceive us into believing that some humans are just not enough. It’s evidence that the most pressing social-justice issue of not only our time but possibly the next generation’s will be the mass slaughter of unborn infants and the exploitation of poor and minority women, who deserve a feminism that is nonviolent and just.”