Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Quick Answers About Vital Signs Ministries

Dear C...

Here are brief answers to the questions you sent over.  Let us know if you need anything else.  And happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

1a) Vital Signs Ministries is a Christ-centered, activist-oriented ministry that seeks to proclaim God’s truths about the sanctity of life in the public square.  We do this through public pro-life witness, speaking engagements, blogs and social media, personal discipleship, and writing projects like the novel The Christmas Room.  In addition, we created the unique “When Swing Was King” outreach which is presented in 12 senior care facilities every month.

1b) The science of embryology makes it indisputably clear that human beings are created at the moment of fertilization.  Indeed, in that very moment, the DNA construction of the boy and girl is miraculously present in full.  All that is required for growth is nutrition and a safe environment.

1c) But added to these scientific certainties is the value of that human life and that is established by Holy Scripture.  From the many individual texts (like those listed on our website) to such stunning examples of the sanctity of preborn and newborn life in Moses, Samuel, Jeremiah, and Jesus Himself, the proofs are clear and profound as to the grave evil that is abortion.  With this overwhelming case for the sanctity of life, the testimony of the Church Fathers and the reformers also stands solidly against abortion — whether it is committed by surgical means or poisonous chemicals.

2) As is well established, many women who have experienced abortion mournfully regret their decision and must deal with issues of not only guilt and sorrow but oftentimes with physical difficulties too.  Christian pregnancy centers (including Assure Women’s Center which we helped start in the mid-8os) regularly feature post-abortion counseling, medical referrals, and support groups along with a whole host of services for women who decide against abortion and who opt instead to parent their child or to relinquish the baby to a whole and loving home.  A paramount point in this discussion, however, is the liberating truth that Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay the penalty of all sin for those who trust in His loving sacrifice.  That means that persons who have chosen abortion (or are guilty of any other sin) can receive full forgiveness, healing, and peace when they repent and trust to Christ’s atonement.

I hope this helps, Chris.


Denny Hartford