Sunday, May 27, 2018

Tired of Social Media Censoring What You See?

With the evidence piling up that Facebook, Twitter, and other “social media” giants are grievously, systematically, and unapologetically censoring conservative voices, I suggest we stop depending on them for important news and commentary. Instead, let’s go back about 15 or 20 years and remember when the alternative media first began to utilize the remarkable freedom of blogs and other conservative news and opinion sites on the internet.

Oh, yes; Rush Limbaugh had been holding down the fort on the airwaves and Fox News was providing a bit of a respite from the monopoly of leftist television reporting. But it was, Drudge Report, City Journal, Power Line, Breitbart, and a whole host of terrific blogs that helped conservative citizens find credible, helpful information to wage the culture wars.

Well, ever since I started Vital Signs Blog in 2005, I have tried to provide occasional listings of the “best from the blogs.” And yet I believe the need for that kind of service is greater than ever. Therefore, I’m actually stepping it up.

Every few days I will list links to some of the most important articles I’ve found dealing with the culture wars, sanctity of life, religious freedom, and so on. I invite you to frequently check in here at Vital Signs Blog, find those compilation posts, and then read the articles that you find of greatest interest.

And please don't wait until you see the Facebook link to that Vital Signs Blog post...because there's a good chance you wouldn't find that link on Facebook in the first place. No, skip the middleman altogether and head go directly to Vital Signs Blog every few days for those compilation posts. (You may find a few other posts there of interest too.)

We need not allow Facebook and Twitter and the others to control what we see.

And, by the way, right here is the latest of these compilations.