Monday, May 14, 2018

For a Change, Let the Political Leaders Hear from You!

Among my notes from last week's letter-writing party are the ones I print below.

Why don't you think about sending along a couple yourself? No; check that. Don't think about it. Just do it! Use these as samples to help out and also the targets You'll find in the previous Vital Signs Blog post.

Dear President Trump,

What a wonderful, engaging, and principled 16 months you have given us in your presidency. And what surprising victories you’ve secured despite the over-the-top negativity of the old guard media and the unconscionable obstruction of the Democrat Party! Thank you and way to go. Please stay the course – the nation and the world need courageous and wise leadership.

Oh, wait a sec! There is one very serious worry I have. Will you please drop the idea of renominating Chai Feldblum to the EEOC? Regarding issues of justice and religious freedom, she’s downright awful.

Dear Senator Sasse,

Thanks so much for your principled service in behalf of Nebraska, the nation, and the cause of freedom.

Three things that are central to my concerns this spring: 1) Defunding Planned Parenthood – completely and ASAP. 2) Passing the Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act. And 3) Securing stronger pressure on nations who persecute Christians and others of conscience — including such “allies” as Saudi Arabia.

Please stay the course on these critical issues.

Governor Ricketts,

What an impressive achievement it was to finally stop Nebraska’s HHS money from going to Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion business.  Yes, I know there will be legal challenges but what a profound movement is underway as pro-life champions across the nation are expressing common-sense into law. It is refreshing to see, truth, mercy, and justice being raised in the public square.

Thank you!

Dear Senator Fischer,

Here are three items that are of great concern to us this spring.

1) The aching need to get the government out of the abortion business by defunding Planned Parenthood of the millions of dollars it receives from taxpayers. Money given to local health centers that have no connection with the killing of preborn children – that’s the way to go.

2) Isn’t it way past time to put Senate Resolution 355 into effect and thus stop the Democrat’s irresponsible (and, indeed, unjust) obstruction to President Trump’s judicial nominations? Of course it is. Please co-sponsor and work aggressively for this move.

And 3) Enough of the compromising, weak-willed leaders of the U.S. Senate.  We need principled, courageous champions in the leadership who, like the President, do not “easily suffer” being pushed around.

Thanks for your work for Nebraska and the nation.

Dear State Senator Watermeier,

It was a profound honor to her you at the Day of Prayer activities down in Lincoln last week and to learn more about the remarkable impact you have had in your brief time in the Unicameral.  Thank you so much!  We were particularly impressed with your good work on the HHS funds being cut from Planned Parenthood, the long battle you waged to win the Choose Life plate (It’s on one of our vehicles already), and the launching of the Nebraska Prayer Caucus.  Way to go!

You remain in our prayers.