Friday, April 13, 2018

Spiritual Disciplines: The Focus for the Next L’Abri Evening

It’s been quite awhile since Claire and I have hosted a L’Abri Evening and, to be quite honest, the main reason was that we hadn’t found any sessions from recent Rochester L’Abri conferences that we found of sufficient interest. So we began to think about other options. For instance, we considered a discussion on a Francis (or Edith) Schaeffer book and on a showing of the film series How Shall We Then Live? And we may pursue one of those paths in the future. However, we did recently discover a very enlightening presentation from February’s Rochester conference that we decided to offer as our next L’Abri Evening program.

It was a shorter “breakout” lecture by Anna Friedrich entitled, “Everyday Artistry: Prayer, Bible-reading, and other Disciplines as Opportunities for Creativity.” Mrs. Friedrich is a wife and home school mom who worked at the Swiss L’Abri for 5 years and is now serving with her husband Dave with the Southborough L’Abri team.

The lecture (which we listened to on our way to Branson) was well planned, well delivered, and presented very helpful counsel regarding spiritual disciplines. Unlike too many of these lectures, it was practical to the max.

We have set Tuesday evening, April 24th for the listening/discussion party. We will begin at 7. As always, there will be refreshments as well as scintillating conversation so please consider joining us. And, yes, RSVP’s are greatly appreciated.