Tuesday, December 26, 2017

View from the Top: Excellent Articles You May Have Missed

Okay, we were all busy with Christmas. Indeed, Claire and I still are. Nevertheless, here are a few superb items of interest to culture warriors like the readers of Vital Signs Blog.

* “Dear Democrats, Ownership Isn’t Theft” (David French, National Review)

* “The Reason the Left Gives Communism a Pass” (Walter E. Williams, Daily Signal)

* “Year One List: 81 major Trump achievements, 11 Obama legacy items repealed” (Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner)

* “No, the DOJ Investigation of Planned Parenthood Is Not a Witch Hunt” (Alexandra DeSanctis, National Review)

* “The New York Times Left Socialism’s Role Out of Its Report on Venezuela’s Devastation” (Jarrett Stepman, Daily Signal)

* “A Frosty Reception to Trump's Prayer” (Family Research Council)

* “CNN: ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ Is ‘Inherently Sexist,’ Should Be ‘Retired’” (Thomas D. Williams, Breitbart)

* “Danger in 2018 for the Party of the Rich (Democrats)” (Roger L.Simon, PJ Media)

* “Portland’s Disgraceful Anarchy” (Alex Titus, City Journal)

* “Public Unions Can’t Deny Their Activism” (Jason Hart, National Review)

* “Survey: Younger Evangelical Support of Israel is Declining” (Chelsea Vicari, Juicy Ecumenism)