Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Moral Fogs We Live In

“Millions of people in America live in moral fogs.  The issues are not clear to them.  They cannot face the light that makes them black or white.  They want grays and neutral tints.  They move in a sort of spiritual twilight. Modified immorality on the basis of cleverness guides millions of people.  Modified dishonesty within the letter of the law is the practice of millions more.  Surely the time has come, because the hour is late, when we must decide.  And the choice before us is plain, Jehovah or Baal.  Christ or chaos.  Conviction or compromise.  Discipline or disintegration.” (Peter Marshall, from his once-famous 1944 sermon, “Trial by Fire.”)

You can actually listen to Marshall preaching this soul-stirring sermon (and, by all means, you should) right here.