Wednesday, August 23, 2017

3 Classic Essays From Another Time...But For Ours Also

Will the people called by His Name continue to slumber through the culture wars, indeed, through the rapid devolution of Western civilization? Or might they, by the grace of God, still wake up?

To help encourage that last possibility, I urge you to pass along to friends and members of the pastoral staff at the church you attend these three classic essays.

The first two are speeches given by Alexander Solzhintsyn, respectively, to Harvard University’s graduating seniors in 1978 and the audience at the bestowing of the Templeton Prize in 1983. And the third essay comes from Erwin Luther, “America’s Spiritual Crisis.”

Yes, it would be terrific if we could get our friends reading, thinking about, talking about, and applying to their lives the lessons taught in the works of Chesterton, Lewis, Schaeffer, Alcorn, and others. But perhaps we can start their engines in that direction by encouraging them to start with these three brief, but immensely profound essays.

What do you say? We can at the very least read (or re-read) them ourselves.