Monday, January 23, 2017

Action Needed Now on Choose Life Plates

Hey, Nebraskans! This is from the latest alert of Nebraska Family Alliance:

Nebraska hasn’t passed a pro-life bill in 5 years. That could change this week when a bill to create “Choose Life” License Plates goes before the full legislature. Proceeds from the plate would go to the Child Abuse Prevention Fund.

While all states allow specialty license plates and the “Choose Life” plate is available in at least 29 other states, Planned Parenthood and pro-choice activists have rallied against it.

Now is the time when state senators need to hear from you most. Pro-choice activists have been contacting senators telling them to oppose this bill. It is critical that senators hear from you, too.

The NFA suggests that you quickly follow these steps:

Step 1: Identify your State Senator. Here is a link to an interactive map that identifies districts based on addresses.

Step 2: Look up contact info for your district’s representative.

Step 3: Call or email your representative.
If you send an email, consider copying all members of the Transportation Committee to the email you send to your state senator.  Despite the fact that there were many opponents of this bill at the committee hearing, the Transportation Committee voted unanimously, 8-0, to advance the bill. It is important these state senators be thanked for their efforts to advance LB46 and ensure they know their stand has not gone unnoticed.