Friday, November 25, 2016

Post-Holiday Posts

You say you're sick and tired of the schlock poured out by the old guard media and that you're looking instead for some relevant, fact-based articles about the world you live in?

Glad to hear it.

One of our jobs here at Vital Signs Blog is to provide Christian activists with informative, enlightening, and helpful articles from trustworthy sources. Here is the latest batch that we heartily recommend.

* “Make religious freedom great again: Undoing the damage of the Obama administration” (Ryan T. Anderson, Mercator)

* “Do sex education programs work? No, says major new study” (Philippa Taylor, Mercator)

* “Putin Imperils Religious Freedom” (Cliff May, Town Hall)

* “France Bans Ad Featuring Kids with Down Syndrome Because it Might Make Women Who Aborted Their Disabled Kids Uncomfortable” (Frank Camp, Daily Wire)

* “Pair charged in explosive device at elementary school; planned to shoot cops, start race war” (Carol Robinson, Alabama Media)

* “HUD Gives Poor More Rent Money to Live in ‘Higher Opportunity’ Areas With ‘Lower Poverty’” (Judicial Watch)

* “Protecting life, not punishing women: Overturning Roe v. Wade does not mean women will be thrown into prison for having an abortion.” (Tim Bradley, Mercator)

* “Abortion Activists Destroy Pro-Life Pregnancy Center in Suspected Arson, Set Center’s Chapel on Fire” (

* “BREAKING: Late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart calls it quits in Maryland” (Cheryl Sullenger, Life Site News)

* “More young people contracting ‘old-age’ conditions including varicose veins due to sedentary lifestyles” (Katie Forster, Independent)