Thursday, September 08, 2016

Swinging Into Autumn!

Today was the first presentation of the month for a new volume of “When Swing Was King.” But then again…every volume is a new one! You see, we have 24 basic programs that we’ve created, but we constantly make changes as the 2-year rotation comes round. For instance, in the latest case, I changed about a 1/3 of the 250+ photos therein and 4 of the 12 songs. Thus, we are giving the residents of the 12 senior care facilities we visit every month the most top-notch entertainment program we can.

And boy, do they let us know how much they appreciate it!

Today’s show (at Life Care Center in north Omaha) was extra special for another reason too. It was the first time we brought along copies of our 4-page “When Swing Was King” newsletter which we will be printing up and distributing to residents every quarter. We were thrilled to see how excited and appreciated the newsletter was by both staff and residents.

(By the way, you can read more about the first issue and the purposes we’ve created it to serve right here.)

Like the “When Swing Was King” shows themselves, this fun and nifty newsletter is given to the care facilities free of charge. And, among other things, that means we would sure appreciate any donations to Vital Signs Ministries so that we can keep this outreach going strong. Thank you.

And, oh yes, two more items. 1) This month’s song list is printed below. (It’s a terrific list!) And 2) The schedule of all of the September “When Swing Was King” shows can be found right here…just in case you’d like to come along and help us bring some cheer into the lives of our community’s seniors.

1) Glenn Miller Orchestra (Ray Eberle, vocals) -- “When You Wish Upon a Star”
2) Nat King Cole -- “Let’s Face the Music and Dance”
3) Harry James Orchestra -- “Crazy Rhythm”
4) Artie Shaw Orchestra (Helen Forrest, vocals) -- “I Have Eyes”
5) The Andrews Sisters -- “Rock-a-bye Baby” (Photo Theme: Babies)
6) Tommy Dorsey Orchestra (Frank Sinatra, vocals) -- “What About You?”
7) Guy Lombardo Orchestra (Kenny Gardner, vocals) -- “For Me and My Gal”
8) Ella Fitzgerald -- “Where or When”
9) Glen Gray & the Casa Loma Orchestra -- “Blue Room”
10) Gene Krupa Orchestra (Carolyn Grey, vocals) -- “They Wouldn’t Believe Me”
11) Benny Goodman Orchestra (Dottie Reid) -- “Paper Moon”
12) Bob Hope and Shirley Ross -- “Thanks for the Memory”