Tuesday, August 09, 2016

The Latest "When Swing Was King" Songlist

1) Glenn Miller Orchestra — “A String of Pearls”
2) Chick Webb & the Savoy Ballroom Orchestra — “Stars and Stripes Forever” (Photo theme: Honoring Old Glory)
3) The Andrews Sisters — “Begin the Beguine”
4) Artie Shaw Orchestra — “Out of Nowhere”
5) Ozzie Nelson Orchestra — “I Must See Annie Tonight” (Photo theme: Classic Hollywood Anns & Annies)
6) Harry James Orchestra — “Hernando’s Hideaway”
7) Ella Fitzgerald — “Blue Moon”
8) Benny Goodman Orchestra — “Here’s Love In Your Eye”
9) Frank Sinatra — “The Coffee Song” (Photo theme: A 1940s Look at Coffee Drinking)
10) Larry Clinton Orchestra, Bea Wain with vocals — “Heart and Soul”
11) Lawrence Welk Orchestra — “Hoop-Dee-Doo”
12) Fred Astaire — “The Way You Look Tonight” (Photo theme: A Fred Astaire Retrospective)

Come check out our latest volume of “When Swing Was King” at any one of the 14 senior care centers where we will be showing it this month. The residents and staff would love to have you come and be a part. The schedule is right here.