Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Biblical Case for Work

Last Sunday I preached at Hope E. Free Church with the topic being the biblical
case for work. The sermon traveled through a variety of Scriptures (Genesis, Proverbs, the gospel parables, the pastoral epistles) and so I don’t have space here to go through them all. However, I thought some of you might be interested in the summary points of the sermon. I post them below.

* We are workers because we’re created in the image of God.
* We are called to perform our work for the Lord. It is a part of our worship. And we must depend on Him for strength and success in our work.
* We work now under difficult circumstances but that’s not God’s fault; it’s ours.  One day, when the curse is lifted and all creation is reconciled to God, our work for Him will be fully adventurous and fulfilling and delightful…as it was originally designed to be.
* All work, if done for God, pleases Him and moves forward His kingdom.  There are no divisions between types of work just as there is no true division between the secular and sacred.  He is Lord of all.
* The Bible teaches in both example and precept a strong work ethic.  It condemns laziness and lack of planning.  It also condemns the exploitation of labor.
* Work, properly performed, is an ennobling thing – a virtue that God applauds and will reward in the life to come.
* One motive of work is to be able to help others in need.
* We are taught the seriousness of being a skilled worker.  This includes care, learning, wisdom, planning, and preparation.
* We are to continually invite the Lord to be in our work.
* The frequent emphasis on the performance of good works in the Lord’s Name isn’t just about “religious” activity. It includes our occupations, our housework, our lawn work…all of our work.

If you'd like, you can hear the sermon right here.