Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Light-Filled Letters

We hosted a productive letter-writing party last night as Pat, Quint & Carol,
Keith & Carol, Don & Alberta, and Allen joined Claire and I as we sought to let our our lights shine through courteous but firm letters. We enjoyed some prayer together as well as conversation and dessert but, as is our pattern, we spent 90 minutes of serious letter writing.

The topics addressed in our letters last night included SCOTUS appointments, the attacks on religious freedom within America’s armed services, the various evils perpetrated by Planned Parenthood (supported exorbitantly by our tax dollars), the ongoing bathroom follies, and PayPal’s mean-spirited business tactics. We also wrote several thank you cards to people who have performed outstanding service — people like Senator Ben Sasse and Samaritan’s Purse director Franklin Graham.

And finally, we printed off two excellent articles about the most recent abortion decision by the Supreme Court and sent them along with a personal note to our respective pastors. Indeed, a few of us sent copies to other pastors we know as well.

While so many Christians are hunkering down and putting sacks over their head to avoid thinking about the wickedness surging around them (through distracting entertainment, wishful thinking, and compromise), we plan to keep engaging the culture…even as we pray for God’s intervention.

We do that by maintaining a pro-life witness at the abortion mill, by ministering in the senior care facilities, by holding up God’s truth in the public square, by discipleship, by presenting the glorious good news of Christ’s death for sinners, and by advocating for His justice and truth through such things as these letter writing parties.

If you’d like information on how to conduct one of these parties yourself, please let us know.