Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Through the Fog

The fog created by mainstream media can be overwhelming. Thus reading your Bible, good books, and honest journalism from trustworthy "watchmen on the wall" is more necessary than ever. Your Bible reading is, I trust, going on apace and I occasionally make suggestions about quality literature (as in1, 2, or 3). And then regarding that third element, here are a few articles from recent days I recommend:

* “Culture Rot: Donald Trump Is the Effect, Not the Cause” (Andrew C. McCarthy, National Review)

* “Why I will not support Donald Trump” (Kay Orr, Omaha World-Herald)

* “What Many Small Businesses Call Their Biggest Challenge” (Patrick Tyrrell, The Daily Signal)

* “How Fiduciary Rule May Censor Financial Broadcasters Like Dave Ramsey” (John Berlau, Forbes)

* “The Abortion Industry Survives by Endangering Women’s Lives” (David French, National Review)

* “The Inconvenient Facts the Media Ignore About Climate Change” Congressman Lamar Smith, The Daily Signal)

* “Evolution destroyed in under 5 minutes” (David Berlinski, Coldwater Media)

* “Andy Did It Again: Andy Stanley criticizing small churches” (Todd Pruitt, Mortification of Spin)

* “Why Are Higher Education Subsidies Going Toward Lazy River Rides?” (Mary Clare Reim, The Daily Signal)