Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Underneath the Tinsel

During these hectic days of Christmas, it's easy to miss important culture war commentary. So to help out, I'll list below links to some of the very best.

* “The ISIS Trail of Death” (Robert Windrem, NBC News)

* “The method behind Obama’s madness…and Trump’s” (John Podhoretz, New York Post)

* “Is Trump Working for Hillary?” (Mona Charen, National Review)

* “5 Facts the Left Isn’t Trumpeting About Paris and Climate Change” (Katie Tubb, Daily Signal)

* “Jerry Brown Lets It All Hang Out” (Stephen Hayward, Power Line)

* “The 8 Most Shocking Things Said at a Planned Parenthood Abortion Rally” Katie Yoder, Lauretta Brown, LifeNews)

* “Squandered Resources on College Education” (Walter E. Williams, Town Hall)

* “Workforce Could Shrink by 2 Million People Because of Obamacare” (Melissa Quinn, Daily Signal)

* “If Not Overnight, When?” (Scott Johnson, Power Line)