Monday, November 23, 2015

Did You Miss This?

From last week's alternative media, here's a few exceptional articles you may have missed. They are all quite good. Don't have time to read them now? Fine. Why not save this post as a bookmark and then read them over the next couple of days.

* “Obama Rests Comfortably after Paris Attacks” (Deroy Murdock, National Review)

* “Millennials, Starbucks, and Identity” (Joseph Rossell, Juicy Ecumenism)

* “Reagan biographer Craig Shirley: O'Reilly's Killing Reagan is a 'pile of garbage’” (Myra Adams, Washington Examiner)

* “Did Bill O'Reilly Jump The Shark?” (Victor Davis Hanson, Investor’s Business Daily)

* “A Pattern of Executive Overreach” (David Berstein, National Review)

* “Planned Parenthood Charged Me $25 for a $2 Pregnancy Test and Knew of No Free Alternatives” (Micaiah Bilger,

* “Univ. of Vermont holds privilege retreat for students who ‘self-identify as white’” (Peter Hasson, Campus Reform)

* “Obama’s inaction plants doubt he can keep America safe” (Michael Goodwin, New York Post)