Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Back in the Swing? The Latest "When Swing Was King."

Returning to Omaha from our two weeks of working vacation saw me jump right into major revisions of this month’s “When Swing Was King” volume…like 5 song changes and over a hundred different photographs. It took me Saturday night, all day and night Sunday, and Monday morning too. But the audience response at our two presentations yesterday seemed to indicate it was well worth the effort. We have 4 more this week, 4 next week, and 1 the week after.

Hectic? Not when you consider our December schedule already has 17 shows


Here's this month’s final song list:

1) Glenn Miller Orchestra — “Tuxedo Junction”
2) Bing & Dixie Lee Crosby — “The Way You Look Tonight”
3) Artie Shaw Orchestra — “Frenesi”
4) Chick Webb Orchestra (vocals by Ella Fitzgerald) — “I Love Each Move You Make”
5) Glen Gray & the Casa Loma Orchestra — “Can’t We Be Friends?”
6) Ozzie Nelson Orchestra (vocals by Harriet Hilliard Nelson) — “Says My Heart”
7) Harry James Orchestra — “Three Coins in the Fountain”
8) Gene Krupa Orchestra (vocals by Anita O’Day) — “Skylark”
9) Lawrence Welk Orchestra — “Anniversary Waltz”
10) The Four Lads — “No, Not Much”
11) Benny Goodman Trio — “Body and Soul”
12) Donald O’Connor (from “Singin’ in the Rain”) — “Make ‘Em Laugh”

Want to come along for one of the shows? You’ll hear great music, interesting trivia, and see photos that will take you on a sentimental journey back to the heady days of the big band era. And you’ll meet some terrific folks who would love to have you visit. You'll find the schedule right here.