Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Decline in Reading

Studies show that Americans, including American Christians, are reading considerably less than the last few generations. It’s just one more illustration of how we’re becoming dumber, lazier, more superficial, less discerning, and more easily led.

Of course, beginning to read books again isn’t the solution to all our messes.  But it can be an important part of our defense against the ever-encroaching, post-modern culture. That’s why I’m reading more than ever, why I started a book club that is now in its 24th year, why Vital Signs hosts book discussions, and why I organize book reading in my church. Oh yeah, if Americans put down the computer games, videos, and smart phones – and more frequently picked up a book? That would be step in the right direction.

Interested in more about reading, in book clubs, in effecting the culture? Step over to TheBook Den, Vital Signs blog dedicated to literature.

(The above post is the transcript of today's Vital Signs commentary broadcast at 7:59 on KLCV, 88.5 FM, Lincoln and Omaha)