Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Updates and Essays: Vital Signs' March Newsetter

Dear LifeSharers,                                 March 2015

This month’s letter combines three things. The first is a quick update of our activity to date. The second is a quick rundown of upcoming activities. And third? Three brief essays I wrote and recently posted on Vital Signs Blog.  Because of space, I’ll have to zip through the update but there has been an awful lot going on. For amid the regular duties with the internet outreaches, the abortion mill prayer presence, speaking, writing, and the “When Swing Was King” presentations, we’ve had some extra stuff to deal with. That has included the L’Abri Conference in Rochester, Minnesota where I gave two lectures; preaching at Tabernacle Baptist Church in George, Iowa; also doing two “When Swing Was King” shows there; and doing three chapel services at Omaha Christian Academy.

We also sent out to our e-mail list the pro-life mini-drama I had written many years ago, “The Appointment.” Responses included “That was awesome.  It gave me goosebumps the whole way through.” And “I listened to the audio.  Wow!  That is powerful!” (You can find that play and even the audio version on the Vital Signs Ministries website.) 

We also prepared an itinerary (and our home) for a four-day visit from our Belarusian friend and ministry colleague, Hleb Yermakou. That resulted in Hleb doing two radio programs, preaching the Sunday morning service at Herman Community Church, teaching two high school classes, speaking at three chapel services, having a lunch discussion with pastors from Country Bible Church in Blair, and serving as the guest of honor for three home meetings.

All of this while adding a new regimen of physical exercise to our day. Whew!    

And upcoming activities?  Two that are on the immediate calendar are another letter-writing party on Tuesday, March 24 and the next Book It! Evening on Friday, April 10 where we will discuss Chelsen Vicari’s book, Distortion: How the New Christian Left is Twisting the Gospel and Damaging the Faith.  Okay, enough update. Now to those blog posts: Must A Child Be "Wanted" In Order To Be Priceless?, How Can My Friends and I Serve Seniors?, and Why A Pro-Life Witness Outside Abortion Clinics?…

Read the rest of March LifeSharer letter, including those three mini-essays, right here.