Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Back to the Blogs

If you’ve wondered why activity at the blogs (Vital Signs Blog and The Book Den) has been slow the last couple of months, there has just been an awful lot going on.  For amid the regular duties with the internet outreaches, the abortion mill prayer presence, speaking, writing, the “When Swing Was King” presentations, and the monthly LifeSharer, we’ve had some extra stuff to deal with too.

For instance? Well, there was a L’Abri Conference in Rochester, Minnesota where I gave two lectures. There was a three day trip to northwest Iowa where I preached a Sunday evening service at Tabernacle Baptist Church in George and we also did two special “When Swing Was King” shows there.  I did three chapel services at Omaha Christian Academy here in Omaha. We also sent out to our e-mail list the pro-life mini-drama I had written many years ago, The Appointment. (The responses were great.)

We prepared an itinerary (and our home) for a four-day visit from our Belarusian friend and ministry colleague, Hleb Yermakou. The subsequent schedule involved Hleb doing two radio programs, preaching the Sunday morning service at Herman Community Church, teaching two high school classes, speaking at three chapel services, having a lunch discussion with pastors from Country Bible Church in Blair, and serving as the guest of honor for three home meetings.

We had our quarterly meeting for the Vital Signs Ministries Governing Board last week and our quarterly letter-writing party last night. At the latter event, we wrote 45 cards to Christians who are unjustly imprisoned and persecuted for their faith in various countries and another 40 cards and letters regarding pro-life, pro-family issues.

Oh yes; we also added a new regimen of physical exercise to our day and I finished my revisions of the novel, The Christmas Room.  

So my desk, so to speak, is clear. Well, kinda. But enough that I hope to get back to the blogs a bit more.