Thursday, February 26, 2015

Must A Child Be "Wanted" In Order To Be Priceless?

“Every child a wanted child.” It is one of the pro-abortion forces most common slogans because it sounds so soft and loving yet it’s logical conclusion is as cold and ruthless as...well, as an abortionist’s curette.

You see, the phrase “every child a wanted child” operates out of several intellectual and moral errors, all of which presuppose that a child’s worth is based solely on the affections of others.  It reduces children to objects whose only value is in their desirability as others evaluate it.

“Wantedness” is at the very least a silly term but in the worst case, like when it is used in this pro-abortion slogan, it measures merely a bystander’s feelings, not the intrinsic value of another human being.

As I often declare, I am a pro-life activist because I am a Christian, one who knows from Holy Scripture that any child, regardless of health, gender, race, or any descriptive condition of his parents, is created in the image and likeness of Almighty God.  That child is therefore immeasurably sacred and valuable.

The child’s worth is part of his very existence; it is something bestowed by God and no slogan or evil attitude or law can deny it without the most horrible of divine judgments.

And, oh yes, one more error that is related to this slogan is the assumption that an unwanted pregnancy inevitably leads to an unwanted child.  Ask perhaps the majority of real-life moms about how that works.