Thursday, February 12, 2015

It's Music (And Moos) for "When Swing Was King"

It's a month in which we are presenting "When Swing Was King" in our regular
11 senior living centers but also in three other places: two church audiences and a special trip into northwest Iowa to do a show for a nursing home in the little town where I used to do some guest preaching. It's also a month where we're able to use new brochures (thanks to Pat Osborne and Regal Printing) to promote this unique outreach.

One activities director has called the new brochure "a true work of art." That ought to make Pat's day.

Of course, the music is superb and the residents are warm, welcoming, and wonderfully enthusiastic -- about the show and about sharing stories as we visit. Yesterday, for instance, we got into a group conversation about (of all things) cows before the show started. One fellow told about watching his uncle milk cows and shoot milk over to the cats who were waiting in line for a treat. Another described how they made their own cream and butter and cheese from the milk they got from their cows. And Beverly laughingly admitted that she and a friend used to play school with the cows as students. "They weren't all that interested in our lessons but we had fun trying to teach them anyhow."

Earlier in the week we had opportunities to talk about spiritual matters with residents, both in their mid 90s. We spoke of the splendor of heaven that was a sure thing for Christians and we spoke of the power of prayer to connect with the God of strength, security, and joy.

And then there's the music, the photographs, and the commentary that takes us all along on a "sentimental journey" back to the days of the big band era. It's another month of fun and fellowship for "When Swing Was King."

This month's songlist?

1) Glenn Miller Orchestra -- Moonlight Cocktail
(Vocals by Ray Eberle and the Modernaires)

2) Kay Kyser -- Playmates

3) Duke Ellington Orchestra -- Chelsea Bridge

4) Harry James -- I Had the Craziest Dream
(Vocals by Helen Forrest)

5) Artie Shaw Orchestra -- Blue Skies

6) Tommy Dorsey Orchestra -- Oh, Look At Me Now
(Vocals by Frank Sinatra, Connie Haines, and the Pied Pipers)

7) Gene Kelly -- Singin' In the Rain

8) Chick Webb Orchestra -- Strictly Jive

9) Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra -- I'm Stepping Out with a Memory Tonight
(Vocals by Helen O'Connell)

10) Benny Goodman Orchestra -- Here's Love In Your Eyes

11) The Mills Brothers -- Glow Worm
(Backed by the Hal McIntyre Orchestra)

12) Ethel Merman -- There's No Business Like Show Business

Please know that you are always welcome to join us in visiting the residents before and after the shows, even to sit with them during it so they can share their reactions with you. You's be a terrific help in lifting spirits and bringing joy. Just look at our month's schedule right here for a time best for you.