Sunday, February 01, 2015

A Quick Walk for Life Review

The photo above shows just a portion of the 4,000 who showed up in the rain and snow for this year's Walk for Life, an annual pro-life witness sponsored by our friends at  Nebraska Right to Life. 

Here at the Capitol steps, we were encouraged by some of the best pro-life speeches we've heard in quite awhile. Those remarks came from NRL leaders, a couple of very sharp college students, and from Nebraska's new Lieutenant-Governor Mike Foley and Congressman Jeff Fortenberry. My favorite line of the morning? The University of Nebraska at Kearney student who said of her generation, "We survived Roe v Wade but Roe v Wade will not survive us."

Of course, Claire and I were able to enjoy the fellowship of many, many good friends and true -- friends we have made from around the state in our long involvement in pro-life ministry. 

The above photo shows that Don Kohls and I seem to be handling the cold, wet weather pretty well. That's because we were talking about one of our favorite topics; namely, our future life with Christ and all His saints on the New Earth! But obviously we weren't alone in this important pro-life witness. At various times during the day we made new friends and met up with friends of longstanding too. I'll be sure to leave some out but here's a partial list: Keith & Barb, Dick, Cindy & Allen, Pat, Jo, Pam, Julie, Sandy, Chuck, Keith & Carol, Don & Vicki, Barb, Kathy & Lynette, Marilee, Paul & Bev, Msgr. Hanefeldt, Joe, Del, Steve, Pat, Greg, Joe & Carol, Sheryl, et al.

After the talk by Mario St. Francis at the Student Union and after the Vital Signs Ministries information booth was very near to running out of the free literature we offer (Randy Alcorn books, Vital Signs brochures, postcards, bookmarks relating to chastity and our "3 for 5" prayer campaign against Planned Parenthood, Claire and I finally dried out a bit from our wet walk through downtown Lincoln. Dick took this final picture before we cleaned up and got ready to head back to Omaha. 
Thanks again to Nebraska Right to Life for a momentous Walk for Life.