Monday, December 01, 2014

Catching Up

Okay, you are back from your Thanksgiving travels and a bit rested from the holiday's hectic activities. Below are a few excellent articles (and cartoons) that you might have missed in those days. They include news and commentary from the culture wars AND a couple that deal with the ongoing work of Vital Signs Ministries.

* “How Obama blatantly disregards the law” (Paul Sperry, New York Post)

* “Enough with The Ferguson Pandering” (Lloyd Marcus, American Thinker)

* “Media Ignore 224 Teenagers Killed in Chicago Since Michael Brown’s Death” (Warner Todd Houston, Breitbart)

* “A Very Special Christmas Tree Lighting” (Denny Hartford, Vital Signs Ministries)

* "A 'When Swing Was King' Christmas Road Trip"

* “A Milestone Sunday: Saying Goodbye”

* “A Culture of Lies: The changes after Ferguson will likely be for the worse.” (George Neumayr, The American Spectator)

* “Be afraid: This is the real Obama” (Joseph Curl, Washington Times)

* “How to Replace Obamacare: Affordable Care Act opponents must make their goal the enactment of a better plan.” (James C. Capretta, National Review)