Friday, July 18, 2014

Abortion Coercion

Preborn babies are routinely killed in America. And they are destroyed in the most barbaric ways -- suction machines, curettes and poisons. And all of these methods of abortion pose extremely harmful effects on the babies' mothers as well.

But the state of political affairs in the United States is so tragic and ridiculous that not only are these barbaric actions protected by law, promoted by opinion leaders, and paid for with taxpayer money, they are increasingly being mandated through ObamaCare and other federal and state requirements forced on doctors, nurses, medical students, pharmacists, insurance providers, and so on. Even if a person abhors the medical (and moral) consequences of abortive drugs, devices and procedures, the law is forcing them to participate.

And without effective protection of conscience, what are their choices? Quitting their profession altogether, leaving the field entirely to amoral practitioners. Or reluctant submission.

As we knew it would, the abortion movement has moved steadily from You Can to You Should to You Must.