Wednesday, March 12, 2014

“Old School” Christians

The following is an excerpt from a letter I wrote yesterday to friends in England.

"We would love to get back to the U.K. some day and spend some time with you...but we don't see that in the forecast very soon. Things here just seem to get busier, especially with the popularity of 'When Swing Was King' and the ever-increasing duties with the little church where I preach.

But we know “slower” days are coming and not only because of the natural processes of aging but because of the way even the Church tends to marginalize older Christians.  This is even more true of older Christians whose cultural values run counter to the “emergent” 20/30/40 somethings! Throw in the fact that we haven’t picked up tattoos and piercings and a love for Santana-like guitar riffs in church…and we are definitely slated for the scrap heap.

But that’s cool.  We’re quite content with reading (and re-reading) books; listening to old music (Bruckner, Rachmaninoff, Gershwin, the Supremes -- you get the idea); and participating in our social media of choice; that is, conversations over coffee.

And, of course, there will always be plenty of opportunities for growth and for ministry.  God will see to that.  And though the types of ministry almost undoubtedly will change as we grow older, He will be just as delighted when we perform them with grace and integrity and gratitude.  The rewards will be just as generous too.  Lord, help me always to appreciate that truth."

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