Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday's "Two Cents Worth"

Actually, each of the articles I'm listing this morning are worth a lot more than two cents. Indeed, some of them are invaluable.

* “Obama's Loafer Nation” (Ed Lasky, Weekly Standard)

* “Obama Rewrites ObamaCare: Another day, another lawless exemption, once again for business.” (Editorial, Wall Street Journal)

* “Planned Parenthood Gets Away With Killing a Woman in an Abortion” (Cheryl Sullenger, LifeNews)

* “The One Child Policy Revisited” (Marcus Roberts, Mercator)

* “Socialism, Not Access to Care, Is Obama's Prize” (David Limbaugh column)

* “Poof: A Scandal Disappears” (Mona Charen column)