Tuesday, February 04, 2014

All Stops Are Out (As Are the Facts) for ObamaCare Ad Campaign

ObamaCare is a disaster. Now.

And ObamaCare presents even greater disasters in the future.

We all know this -- at least all of us who can do the math, read the news (even the mainstream media can't help but cover ObamaCare's stunning failures), or listen to the ever-increasing list of horror stories from friends and family.

Nevertheless, Team Obama can't help but double down on their expensive and distorted ad campaign to push this "fundamental transformation of American society."

Here are just a few of the examples from the last few days:

* “White House wrote pro-Obamacare tweets for NFL players to parrot” (Daily Caller)

* “New Obamacare Ads Hope to Attract Young Women by Featuring Pets” (Breitbart)

* “Former NBA stars 'Magic' Johnson and Alonzo Mourning pitching Obamacare to young Americans” (Syracuse.com)

* “Obamacare's Dot-Com Ad Campaign” (Charlie Kirk column)

* “California spends $1.37M on ObamaCare web stream featuring Richard Simmons” (Fox News)

* “Obamacare ads to hit the Olympic slopes” (Politico)