Monday, January 20, 2014

Oh, Boy. Don't Miss These.

Here are some very significant articles from this past weekend that you don't want to let get by you. Indeed, there are more than one that you may well want to pass around your social media circuit.

* “NY TIMES WRONG: Jihadists from at least four Al Qaeda groups in on Benghazi attack. Declassified documents contradict White House” (Rowan Scarborough, Washington Times)

* "Single Teen Mom? Texas's Wendy Davis Lied About Life Story" (Joel Pollak, Breitbart)

* “The U.S. and Christian Persecution: Obama does nothing to protect Christians and other minorities in the Muslim world.” (Raymond Ibrahim, NRO)

* “Obamacare At ‘Significant’ Risk of ‘Death Spiral,’ Economist Warns” (Barbara Hollingsworth, CNS News)

* “Reveille?” (Roger Kimball, PJ Media)

* “Ukraine goes Belarus?” (Andrew Stuttaford, NRO)

* “Court affirms Mass. murderer's right to get sex change in prison” (AP report via Fox News)