Monday, January 06, 2014

Need to Catch up?

If this past weekend kept you busy with staying warm, church duties, watching the NFL playoffs, preparing for Epiphany, or whatever else -- let me give you a few links to some scintillating web articles that you might have missed...but shouldn't.

* “The greatest and most remarkable achievement in human history, and one you probably never heard about” by Mark J. Perry at AEIdeas.   

* “The Fall of France” by Janine di Giovanni in Newsweek.

* “Would-be suicide bomber among SEVEN dangerous Al-Qaeda suspects to be freed from curfew within days” by Jennifer Smith in the Daily Mail.

* “Exposing the world's great lie about ObamaCare and socialized medicine” by Scott Atlas at Fox News.

* “De Blasio: Enabler of Extremists” by John Fund at NRO.

* “Maybe tomorrow” (a tribute to the Everly Brothers) by Scott Johnson at PowerLine.