Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Prison Violence Runs Rampant

Here's a Mona Charen column that is sad, horrifying and disgusting all at once. The subject is an unpleasant enough one to think about (prison rape) but it suggests some other very troubling problems too.

For instance, why is the available technology NOT being used to protect prisoners and curb the violence?

Why is the Obama administration's Justice Department so indifferent to a law that was passed (unanimously!) by the U.S. Congress?

Why is government so loathe to properly control and oversee the prison system when they are otherwise so zealous to control and oversee the lives of law-abiding citizens?

And why is the government so unconscionably blind to the long term dangers to society of young men being regularly tortured by ongoing violence and terror in prison walls -- and therefore trained to do the very same when they are again outside?

Here's the column, "When No One Is Watching."