Friday, December 06, 2013

Hey, Santa Redirected My Letter To Politicians

In case you missed this post from last Christmas...

I pass along two documents for you to peruse. One is a copy of a letter I sent to Santa. The second is the note that Santa then attached to copies of my letter he sent on to several political leaders.

Dear Santa,

What I most want for Christmas this year may be beyond even your North Pole magic so I’ve decided to ask for just three things – things that are undoubtedly practical, certainly directed for the common good, and do-able even in the current political climate.

1) I would like serious actions taken to protect America’s democracy from voter fraud. We desperately need voter I.D. laws, fair and effective voting machines, non-partisan oversight, harsh penalties for vote fraud crooks -- and tough enforcement of all of these.

2) I would like government funds to the mega-abortion corporation Planned Parenthood completely eliminated.  For crying out loud, it’s a multi-million dollar business that kills preborn boys and girls, zealously promotes and enables promiscuity and, in a dozen other ways, contributes to the decadence of American culture.  So why, when the nation is broke, do we scrape up $350 million from the taxpayers every year to give to this sinister group?

3) Renewed efforts from America’s lawmakers and opinion leaders to defend and promote the U.S. Constitution -- especially its protection of the freedoms of religion, speech, and association.

Please Santa, I’m deeply appreciative of all the wonderful presents you’ve given me over the years, but this year I’m asking for you to concentrate on these three wishes.



And then here's the note Santa attached to mine before sending it along to Senators Fischer and Johanns, Congressmen Terry, Fortenberry and Smith, and a few others.

Dear Senator Fischer,

I’m redirecting this letter to you as it is more in line with your responsibilities than mine.  However, I pass it along with two personal notations.

First, I can vouch for the character of the letter’s author – at least to the extent that ever since his conversion to Christianity way back in 1970, he’s maintained a place on my “Nice” list.

And second, I personally (and wholeheartedly) agree with his requests.  Indeed, I especially urge you to act diligently upon his second wish.  As someone with a solid history as a friend of children, I consider Planned Parenthood one of the greatest menaces in modern history.  So anything and everything you do to de-fund this business would be dearly appreciated up here too.

Thank you,

S. Claus