Monday, December 02, 2013

Gender Equality Isn't Gender Sameness

…Taking a page from radical feminism, liberal evangelicals areattempting to “liberate” women from their “oppressed” place in society: the home, and church. Citing the sexism that all too often does infiltrate churches, women are being called to abandon their feminine distinctions entirely.

To usher in a “gender equality” movement that misrepresents a traditional Biblical understanding of human sexuality, liberal elites must first break down the authority of Scripture. A dangerous mission, these efforts threaten to strip women of their dignity, integrity, uniqueness and the special responsibilities entrusted to them by God…

Gender roles do not equate to gender discrimination.

When those who should love us, abuse us in the name of Scripture it would become easy to grow bitter towards Christianity. But donning pants-suits and pretending there is no such thing as femaleness and maleness is not the answer…

Now is not the time for evangelical women to abandon our femaleness. Instead, we must rediscover and take back what it means to be women. A true understanding of equality hinges upon women’s responsibility to develop their own unique potential and fulfill the unique purpose for which each of us was created by God. 

The above paragraphs are from “Liberal Evangelicals Are Waging a War on Women – And No One is Noticing” by Chelsen Vicari (shown at right above). Vicari is the Evangelical Program Director at the Institute on Religion and Democracy and she has written an illuminating article about a very timely issue. Check it out in full right here.