Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Back Alley Abortion Clinics? Oh, They Exist. (And They're Protected by Pro-Choice Leaders.)

In response to a series of new abortion restrictions enacted in Texas, abortionist Sarah McNeil wrote recently in USA Today: "I and my physician colleagues across the country continually seek out and welcome measures that improve patient safety, but absurd laws such as this one only hurt women and families by decreasing access to essential reproductive health care services."

It’s no surprise, of course, that the abortion industry and its allies are wailing and gnashing their teeth and bandying about phrases like “absurd laws” in reference to Texas’ new abortion restrictions.

But what’s really absurd is the implication behind their bellyaching: namely, the idea that abortion clinics can be trusted to police themselves.

As evidence of the need for Texas’ new abortion restrictions — which call for, among other things, more rigorous inspections — last month Texas Alliance for Life released a review of recent inspection records indicating that many of the state’s abortion facilities are falling drastically short of meeting even the safety standards that are currently on the books...

Read the rest of this illuminating article, “Inspections Find Texas Abortion Clinics Filthy, Run by Untrained Staff” written up by the Pro-Life Action League and published by