Wednesday, November 20, 2013

About Obama's Excuse for Omitting "Under God" in Gettysburg Address

Regarding President’s Obama much-noticed omission of the words “under God” in his recitation yesterday of Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, Ed Whelan writes:

…President Obama recited a draft version of the Gettysburg address that doesn’t include the phrase “under God.” Filmmaker Ken Burns says that he asked Obama to recite that draft version. But even if that’s a full and true account (I have to wonder whether the White House asked Burns to ask Obama to read that version), why would Obama agree to do so?

As Princeton professor Robert P. George discussed in this First Things essay, the pamphlet Constitution distributed by the American Constitution Society also uses a godless draft version of the Gettysburg address. What possible justification is there for using that draft version? As Professor George points out:

“Three entirely independent reporters, including a reporter for the Associated Press, telegraphed their transcriptions of Lincoln’s remarks to their editors immediately after the president spoke. All three transcriptions include the words ‘under God,’ and no contemporaneous report omits them. There isn’t really room for equivocation or evasion: Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address — one of the founding texts of the American republic — expressly characterizes the United States as a nation under God.”

The American Constitution Society used a godless draft version, Professor George reasonably surmises, because “the Great Emancipator’s characterization of the United States as a nation under God appears to undermine the strict separationism that the American Constitution Society wishes to promote.” Whether he affirmatively invited the godless draft or simply acquiesced in its selection, it’s difficult to resist the conclusion that Obama finds that version more congenial to his secularist ideology.

 (“Gettysburg and a Nation “Under God” by Ed Whelan, NRO.)

(By the way, the photo above is not a meme. It's not photo-shopped. It's a real picture then Senator Obama had taken to publicize his opposition to "puppy mills." That's right; the politician who is more extreme than any other in promoting the barbaric violence against human boys and girls en utero wanted to make clear he supports a quality upbringing for dogs. Good grief.)