Monday, October 21, 2013

We're On V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N


That's the way Connie Francis sang it back in 1962. (The Vimeo link is embedded below.) And we're feeling a bit of that festive spirit as we head out for a long-overdue vacation in southern Missouri.

We're leaving our house in the good care of Claire Nicole, Keith & Carol Moran, and our next door neighbors while we're away. And our new digs, for the next two weeks, will be at The Lodge, a 2-bedroom condo outside Branson West. It should be a fun and productive time with our loose-knit agenda encompassing some social activities, a bit of work, prayerful evaluation and planning regarding Vital Signs Ministries, reading, walks through the woods, and quite a bit of sitting on the balcony drinking tea.

The social element involves my sister Sherry and her husband John joining us for a few days with Allen and Cindy Nelson dropping in for a night or two the next weekend. Also, we hope to make a couple of trips north; one to the little town of Crane to visit my aunt and a few cousins and the other up to Springfield to have dinner with our godson, Scott Lawson.

The work bit will include some writing and editing projects, transferring content from the existing VSM website to a brand new one, editing the next few "When Swing Was King" volumes, and sermon preparation. I may even do a little blogging.

But the primary purposes to be served in this getaway are rest, relaxation and spiritual refreshment. We're really looking forward to it.