Friday, September 06, 2013

Swimming Through Blood-Stained Waters

When you stop applauding 64-year old Diana Nyad for her remarkable athletic achievement; namely, being the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without the help of a shark cage, you might then consider the political statement that was also involved. For, make no mistake, there are politics aplenty.

And though the physical and mental endurance required to accomplish such a feat must certainly be respected, the political implications of Ms. Nyad's swim must not.

One of the most eloquent voices for Cuba's freedom, Humberto Fontova, dares to examine how Nyad's highly-publicized swim serves the decadent, corrupt, and brutally oppressive Communist regime of the Castro brothers -- a regime of which Nyad warmly approves. The article is an important, necessary corrective.

Please excuse the families of an estimated 50 thousand freedom-seekers (men women, children, infants) who died horribly on Diana Nyad’s exact route from joining her celebration this week.

Many Cubans completed the hundred mile journey on flotation devices most of us wouldn’t board outside a backyard swimming pool. Many more died horribly in the attempt, from dehydration, sunburn, drowning, sharks and machine-gunnings by Diana Nyad’s hosts and facilitators...

“For crying out loud, Humberto!” comes the chorus of complaints. “The entire nation’s rejoicing over Diana Nyad’s amazing and inspiring feat! You’re a buzzkiller with bells on! Can’t you give politics a rest! Nyad herself left all politics out of her triumphal swim! Geeesh!”

Not so fast, amigos. “Millions of us worldwide, but especially here in the United States, have been fascinated by the mystique of this "forbidden" island so close to our shores, “wrote Nyad in her Huffington Post column last year. ”We are aware of the advanced level of medicine and general education on the island. We have installed proud posters of Che (Guevara) on our college room walls… as someone who grew up with many Cuban friends in South Florida someone who has now visited Havana some 30 times..”

Whoops! Let’s stop right there for now. Overlook for a second her Michael Moore-isms regarding Cuba’s “healthcare,” her parroting of the Castro script on this issue. Skip her boastful idolatry of the psychopathic murderer, sadist, coward and doofus Che Guevara…Skip all that for now.

Instead note how she boasts of repeatedly visiting Castro’s totalitarian fiefdom. For the benefit of those who came of political age after the fall of the Iron Curtain, Communist regimes do not issue celebrity visitor visas randomly…In brief if you’re not there to help the regime’s image abroad, you’re not getting a visa, at least more than once…

“(Nyad) said the Cuban authorities would have preferred that she swim toward the island rather than away from it,” disclosed a Miami Herald article during an earlier try in 2010, “as it may be construed as symbolic of the Cubans who flee the island. But she explained she could swim only in one direction because of the strong currents in the Gulf Stream.”

In other words, Nyad fully recognized the symbolism of her swim. She fully recognized that the Stalinist regime was promoting it. Only the direction of the currents prevented her from following the script exactly as delivered by the Stalinist regime. Still, the Stalinist regime should be very proud of her. She kept studiously mum on the issue of the estimated 50,000 un-marked graves she was swimming over.

Should anyone need further proof of Nyad's usefulness to the Castro regime, [refer to] the adulatory coverage of her swims by the Castro regime's KGB-mentored propaganda organ...

But today the establishment focuses exclusively on Nyad’s (genuinely praiseworthy) swim. Her long and warm and public romance with the murderous and war-mongering totalitarian regime that facilitated her swim and used it for propaganda purposes matters not a wit, except to those dependably contrarian and buzz-killing Cuban-Americans.

Read here the entirety of Humberto Fontova's article, "Diana Nyad Desecrates 50,000 Graves."