Friday, September 13, 2013

Sex-Selection Abortion Gets a Pass in the UK

Eighteen months ago the Daily Telegraph newspaper ran a superb piece of investigative journalism. Using a pregnant woman and an undercover journalist posing as her sister, doctors and nurses at numerous abortion clinics in England were asked whether they would sign the paperwork for a termination – on the grounds that the baby was a girl.

Having been told the real reason for wanting a termination, one doctor instinctively replied “that’s not fair. It used to, yeah, it’s like the female infanticide, isn’t it?” Nonetheless, despite the doctor’s hesitation, he deemed the mother ‘too young for pregnancy’ on the form instead.

Another medic simply said, “I don’t ask questions. If you want a termination, you want a termination.”

(From Peter Smith's Mercator article, "Since when did abortion trump the rule of law?")

Wow. You would certainly guess these examples of lethal (and clearly illegal) discrimination would have sparked an outrage in the British public as well as government health and law enforcement officials.

Well…it didn't.

Indeed, the powers that be have not only decided to shut down any further investigations but even to avoid prosecuting the two cases that were publicized. The reason given? "Prosecuting could have a chilling effect on doctors carrying out lawful terminations."

This is so tragically typical in our post-Christian, post-rational era. Absolutely nothing can be allowed to interfere with the abortion industry lest it (gasp!) actually decrease the number of preborn kids being killed.

Unsafe, dirty conditions in abortion clinics? Uncaring, hurried, assembly line practices in the abortion mills? It's okay. Just don't think about it. Mega-abortion corporations like Planned Parenthood and Marie Stopes found guilty of disdain for women, fraud, ripping off taxpayers, and other crimes? Ignore it. Pretend it's not really happening. Put your earphones on, turn up the volume, and kill some zombies on your smart phone. Do anything but acknowledge the horror represented by precious babies in their mother's wombs being scalded, poisoned, and cut up into pieces by greedy abortionists.

And, for the political powers in the UK, even when the evidence is clear that some of these babies are being destroyed simply because they are female, refuse to get involved. Let your fear of offending the Hindu community and, of course, the abortion zealotry of the left dictate your policies, rather than consider justice, the rule of law, or the sanctity of life.

Goodnight, civilization.