Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Praying to the "Great She" for More Abortions

LifeNews.com, National Review, and other sources reported last week on an unusual event at the Iowa Capitol -- an "abortion prayer meeting" which featured two of the Democrat candidates for Iowa's governor joining in the fun: State Senator Jack Hatch and State Representative Tyler Olson.

The person leading the prayer was an older woman whose background was in the bureaucracy of organized labor rather than in pastoral work. And it showed. The prayer was quite long, unbearably presumptuous and boring, and it was directed to a distinctly female deity of some sort. Indeed, the woman went out of her way to change the text of Sydney Carter's 1963 "Lord of the Dance" poem (the only text referred to in the prayer) from a male pronoun to a female one in order to emphasize the feminist/goddess element that is so commonly featured in these abortion-oriented religious events.

Throughout the whole ridiculous and blasphemous dirge, the Democrat political hopefuls Hatch and Olson remained in a solemn, respectful posture. That's certainly something to remember come election season, Iowans.

The prayer itself was along the lines you'd expect. Thanks to the Great Ms. in the Sky for abortionists, for the Democrat Party's protection and even extension of the grisly trade, and for the potent effect of empowered women and emasculated males. And yes, supplication for more abortions here, there and everywhere.

By the way, if you're tolerant enough to watch the video clip attached to the story, you'll note a most unprayerful scene -- participants looking stupidly and self-consciously around the building, remarkably haughty attitudes (i.e. the "refusing shame" line particularly stands out), a dependence upon government rather than God, the equating of Christianity with a "paternalistic religion" that causes women to "fear their own power" and, most of all, an overwhelming dullness.

And since when does one need a microphone to get in touch with the Almighty?

Anyhow, it would have made a laughable scene were it not so seriously sinister. I mean, politicians paying court to such blatant blasphemy, the very purpose of which is to promote the wanton killing of human beings living inside their mothers' wombs? Bizarre. Despicable. And utterly wicked.