Monday, September 09, 2013

About Those "Draconian" Laws Closing Abortion Clinics

Over 50 abortion mills have closed down over the last 3 years and several others are only open because activist judges have refused to allow the democratic process to go forward.

Of course, it's not surprising that Democrats and the progressive press are alarmed at this new rapidity in the abortion business decline. Nevertheless, the rage they've demonstrated over the new health and safety laws that have led to the abortuaries closing is quite over the top.

The liberals have called these laws a variety of things: radical, draconian, dangerous, cruel, mindless, bullying, conspiratorial, vengeful, unconstitutional and, of course, anti-women.

But what do these laws actually require that is so doggone hard for abortionists to meet?

How about simple health standards -- the same standards that have been on the books for years affecting other medical practices? Are the progressives so uncaring of a woman's health that they think requiring cleanliness in a medical facility is cruel? That surgical instruments and beds and sheets not be re-used? That surfaces be clean of germs, blood and other bodily fluids?

Draconian measures? Really?

How about the laws requiring that a currently licensed physician perform the operation and that said physician has appropriate medical privileges at a nearby hospital? Or that a woman be fully informed about the specific ways in which the abortion will be done, including the various dangers that procedure will pose to her own health and well-being?

Radical? Anti-women? You're kidding, right?

And finally, do abortion advocates really believe that a law requiring an ultrasound viewer be present or a law that prohibits late-term abortions that would kill viable children or a law that prevents minors from being aborted without their parent's permission is truly mean, dangerous, and unAmerican?

Of course not. But then such is the rabid and irrational nature of modern abortion advocacy. Powerful, dangerous chemical abortion drugs dispensed over the internet? That's fine. Abortion clinics ignoring the basic health and safety measures that even the tattoo parlor across the street must meet? Yeah, abortion is a special class. They don't need to abide by regular rules.  What about abortions performed by non-doctors? Sure, that's cool too. In fact, we just passed that law in California.

Gone are the days when Planned Parenthood and Democrat politicians spoke of the tragic deed being safe, legal but rare. Nowadays the raucous demands are for more and more abortion -- everywhere, all the time, and with no restrictions whatsoever.