Tuesday, August 20, 2013

WSWK Update: "You Can Never Have Too Many Friends"

After 5 presentations last week of the latest "When Swing Was King" volume, we have another 6 going on this week! With such a hectic pace (for we still have all the rest of our tasks with Vital Signs Ministries to perform), we would certainly be tuckered out were it not for this one important fact -- we're having a rollicking good time!

It's true. Entertaining and interacting with the residents of the nursing homes and the other senior living facilities that we go to (13 places every month) has proven to energize rather than exhaust us. Claire and I love the music. We love the old photos. We love the chance to engage in some pop culture history. But, most of all, we love providing a quality program for people that quickly become our friends.

Along the way, "When Swing Was King" has received some wonderful praise by the geriatric care professionals who have experienced it. They cite the exceptional entertainment value of the program, the mental stimulation and memory enhancement it provides, the boost to morale and self-esteem, and the opportunity for effective socialization. They also love the respectful, comfortable ways in which way we engage the residents.

To hear these things delights us to no end and we are continually thanking the Lord for creating this unique ministry -- and for letting us be involved. And the invitation for you to be involved (whenever you'd like to be) is a standing invitation. (The schedule for each month's "When Swing Was King" can be found on the Vital Signs Ministries web site.)

We think you will find it fun and interesting but, more important, we know you would be warmly welcomed by the residents of these facilities. After all, one can never have too many friends. And that's never as true or relevant as it is to people living in a nursing home or assisted living facility where loneliness, boredom, and the rigors of aging and ill health are so common.

By the way, here is the current playlist for this month's "When Swing Was King."

1) Glenn Miller Orchestra -- "A String of Pearls"

2) Duke Ellington Orchestra -- "Satin Doll"

3) Bing Crosby -- "Now Is the Hour"

4) The Mills Brothers -- "You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You"

5) Larry Clinton Orchestra (vocals by Bea Wain) -- "My Reverie"

6) Artie Shaw Orchestra -- "Temptation"

7) Guy Lombardo Orchestra (vocals by Kenny Gardner) -- "Nevertheless"

8) Ted Weems Orchestra (vocals by Perry Como) -- "I Wonder Who's Kissing Her Now"

9) Harry James Orchestra -- "Ciribiribin"

10) Tommy Dorsey Orchestra (vocals by Frank Sinatra)  -- "I'll Be Seeing You"

11) Benny Goodman Orchestra (vocals by Martha Tilton) -- "And the Angels Sing"

12) The Andrew Sisters -- "Beer Barrel Polka"