Wednesday, August 07, 2013

A Phony Scandal? Or an Alarming Crime Against Freedom?

It's yesterday's news.

President Obama's lapdog press has decided to move past the huge and critically important story of the IRS targeting conservative groups for special harassment and denial of due process.

Never digging very deep into this criminal conspiracy anyway, they have now decided to accept (and even parrot) Team Obama's outrageous claim that it is just another "phony scandal."

But Bradley Smith, a fellow who knows a thing or two about these things (he is a former chairman of the Federal Election Commission), is willing to give us more than Democrat spin.

In an excellent article over at the Wall Street Journal, Smith highlights a few clear and irrefutable facts about the matter. And, more than a review of what's already surfaced in this all-too-real scandal, he also warns his readers about what it's all about.

Here's a teaser:

The Internal Revenue Service's scandalous targeting of tea party and conservative groups refuses to die, as one by one the administration's explanations prove untrue.

We were told that the White House, like the rest of the country, learned about the program on May 10 through a planted question asked of then IRS official Lois Lerner at an American Bar Association conference. Turns out the White House knew earlier. We were told the targeting was the work of a few rogue IRS employees in Cincinnati. Then those employees insisted that they were being managed from Washington.

We were told that no political appointees were involved, but now we know the scandal goes at least to the office of Obama appointee and IRS Chief Counsel William Wilkins. We were told that liberal groups were targeted, too. But then the IRS's inspector general, whose report exposed the harassment, clarified that only conservative groups were targeted...

Read the whole of Bradley Smith's "The IRS Attack on Political Speech" right here.