Monday, July 01, 2013

Speaking to the Shallow

Our culture has become celebrity-obsessed. Too often, what’s cool is more important than what is right.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where our President calls Sandra Fluke on the phone, but ignores the families of Benghazi. Where he immediately comments on a basketball player coming out as gay, but has to read in the paper about his IRS targeting conservatives. Where the office of the President of the United States puts out memes to promote policy positions, but doesn’t meet with members of Congress or the media to discuss those proposals.

To some in an older generation who are used to seeing the presidency treated with respect, this is jarring. To a generation more used to seeing Obama yukking it up on a late night talk show or on Comedy Central than working in the Oval Office, it’s perfectly normal…

Kristan Hawkins goes on in this provocative Town Hall column to suggest a few ways for pro-life activists to bring truth and light into this generation's shallow, Twitter-happy world. Very interesting stuff.