Monday, June 03, 2013

New York's Attorney General (Assisted by the FBI) Go After Pro-Life CPC

The photo at the left may seem a bit over-dramatized to accompany the following story.

Or is it?

For there is no doubt that the aggressiveness of "progressive government" to take away freedoms of religion, speech, assembly, conscience, and so on from the citizenry is getting worse by the day. Lord help us.

From Steven Ertelt's report:

Based in New York City, the Expectant Mother Care-EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers has helped more than 42,000 women find abortion alternatives.

Apparently that is enough lives saved from abortion to make EMC a target for the FBI. Chris Slattery, National Director of the pregnancy center chain, tells LifeNews that, consistent with the recently discovered IRS attacks on pro-life groups, the FBI is now targeting EMC.

“President Obama has put the FBI on me, and they have politely invited me to headquarters to “talk” this week,” he said. “Domestic terrorism agents have called me in to answer their questions this week, as they launch an absurd case to intimidate us.”

The targeting comes as the New York Attorney General has charged EMC with supposedly practicing medicine without a license.

“The Attorney General has just charged EMC with “practicing medicine without a license” for performing free ultrasounds despite us using certified technicians and doctors, and failing to inform clients that we don’t provide or promote abortion and contraception. This is the third AG to attack us since 1987,” Slattery says…

He believes the PLanned Parenthood abortion business is behind the federal and state attacks.

“I founded Expectant Mother Care, also know as EMC FrontLine Pregnancy Centers in 1985. In 1987, and in one of the earliest Planned Parenthood co-ordinated and orchestrated attacks, then NY State AG Robert Abrahms sued us, and two other NYC pregnancy centers (one closed soon afterwards) for practicing medicine without a license (for pregnancy testing) and false and misleading advertising,” he noted.

Slattery says the ACLJ, a pro-life legal group, is representing EMC against the threats from the state attorney general.